The Needle In The Haystack

"I'm not here for your entertainment!"

2 March 1989
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Well I'm 18 and I absolutely love my chubby equine friend. I am especially fond of paints... and this one just captured my heart. His registered name is Leos Triple Diamond, but I call him Chubs. Though you may not think he's overweight theres a story behind his name. He is probrably one of the most affectionate horses I have ever had the chance to meet in my entire life. Chubs always greets me when I enter the yard with a friendly neigh or approaches me and tries to eat my pockets, knowing theres usually a treat for him in there. I share everything with him, including my hot pockets that he steals when I do morning chores >.< Anyways we are located south of Houston Texas. Always interested in friendly random greets, don't be shy.


tempusxfugit for friends only pic.